022 Nagisa


time artist track record year label style origin
00:00 ed schrader's music beat "humbucker blues" riddles 2018 carpark opening theme usa (baltimore)
01:43 aki domo side b sunrise walk along a tahitian seashore 1985 invincible music new age japan
03:31 celestial "cang ding" spirit house 1996 mca chinese psybient hong kong
07:13 lilien rosarian "ghosts yell out from gemstone homes" a day in bel bruit 2019 [self-released] tape ambient usa (nyc)
08:53 musette "4 september" datum 2009 tona serenad neo-musette sweden (stockholm)
10:56 jib kidder "05 ok371" new works for realistic mixer 2016 care of no-input mixing usa (ann arbor, MI)
12:45 trembling strain "shirushi III" four pictures 1995 belle antique avant folk japan
14:53 cocco "hikoukigumo" bougainvillea 1997 victor japan folk pop japan (okinawa)
18:33 ad dios "floating" aquatica 1999 theta new age sweden
21:39 food "pie" veggie 2002 rune grammofon avant jazz norway (trondheim)
22:48 tetsu inoue "background story" world receiver 1996 instinct ambient soundscape japan (tokyo)
26:05 animo computer "android telepathy" don is cowboy 1997 god mountain squiggle japan (tokyo)
27:42 euromast "variation in e" indeterminacy, music with the help of chance 2015 hylé tapes aleatoric acid italy (venice)
31:06 jang pil-soon "helicopter" soony 6 2002 synnara trip hop south korea
35:19 sierra manta "lequitas" jina jina 1993 folk time andean poland
37:48 yukio fujimoto "ears of the rooftop" ears of the rooftop 1999 omega point installation japan (osaka)
38:41 geert waegeman "queni wattadis" vegetal digitables 2000 lowlands folktronik belgium (leuven)
41:21 steve reich (kuniko kato) "drumming part III" drumming 2018 linn minimalism japan
43:02 steven feld "galo, afternoon" rainforest soundwalks 2001 earthear rainforest usa (santa fe)
45:43 pablo's eye "loisaida dub" you love chinese food 1995 extreme ambient belgium (brussels)
47:17 daisuke tobari [untitled] track 11 guitar 1999 bumblebee 4-track folk japan
48:50 bizarre "ebeanol" café de flor 1996 sally cinnamon downtempo estonia
53:29 crystal chimes side a in the enchanted crystal forest in ojai, CA 1985 acoustic medicine productions new age usa (ojai, CA)
56:07 nobue kawana "anata to hajimete atta umi (studio)" nobue no umi 1975 [private press] folk pop japan

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