019 Sibel


time artist track record year label style origin
00:00 ed schrader's music beat "humbucker blues" riddles 2018 carpark opening theme usa (baltimore)
01:43 john donald robb "excerpt from spatial serenade" electronic music: from razor blades to moog 1970 folkways early electronic usa (albuquerque)
04:04 omar khorshid "guitar el chark" guitar el chark 2010 [1974] sublime frequencies psych bellydance egypt (cairo)
08:52 waldjinah "ngelam-lami" ngelam-lami 1968 lokananta keroncong indonesia (surakarta)
12:42 high tone "bad weather" acid dub nucleik 2002 jarring effects novo dub france (lyon)
18:49 swing slow "capybara" swing slow 1996 mercury neo space age japan (tokyo)
23:58 plone "summer plays out" for beginner piano 1999 warp neo space age uk (birmingham)
29:16 do pas o "a covert life" join the fucking drum circle 2017 hausu mountain prog tronic usa (nyc)
32:49 erkin koray "aşkımız bitecek" live in nazilli 1974 1974 bootleg anatolian psych turkey (istanbul)
37:00 sote "untitled 3" dastgaah 2006 dielectric persian electroacoustic iran (tehran)
42:22 sea urchin "pity eye natural high" yaqaza 2016 (k-raa-k)³ ambient dub germany (berlin)
45:47 asha puthli "space talk" the devil is loose 1976 cbs smooth disco india (mumbai)
51:08 ippii tombei "fuct" fuct 1995 flaw bloop techno uk (blackpool)
59:24 douglas quin "weddell seals (underwater)" antarctica 1998 miramar animal sounds usa (syracuse)

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