018 Coral


time artist track record year label style origin
00:00 ed schrader's music beat "humbucker blues" riddles 2018 carpark opening theme usa (baltimore)
01:43 arthur lyman "china clipper" taboo 1958 hifi exotica usa (honolulu)
03:55 the beach boys "cool cool water" sunflower 1970 brother psych pop usa (los angeles)
08:41 van dyke parks "sweet trinidad" discover america 1972 warner bros pseudo-calypso usa (los angeles)
09:32 lord kitchener "get up and get" ‘67 kitch 1967 rca victor calypso trinidad and tobago (port of spain)
12:47 maria bethânia "iansã" drama: anjo exterminado 1972 philips tropicália brazil (rio de janeiro)
15:08 america "ventura highway" homecoming 1972 warner bros soft rock uk (london)
18:33 alessandro alessandroni "breve dialettica" prisma sonoro 1974 sr spaghetti western italy (rome)
21:43 the partridge family "it's one of those nights (yes love)" shopping bag 1972 bell bubblegum pop usa (los angeles)
25:13 edmundo ros "aquarius" hair goes latin 1969 decca rhumba big band uk (london)
27:58 harvey mandel "wade in the water" cristo redentor 1968 philips psych blues usa (san francisco)
35:38 victor feldman "flying down to rio" latinsville! 1959 contemporary afro-cuban jazz usa (los angeles)
38:32 moondog "tugboat toccata" more moondog 1956 prestige third stream usa (nyc)
40:34 louis armstrong "i'm crazy 'bout my baby" satch plays fats 1955 columbia vocal jazz usa (nyc)
44:59 jurassic 5 "swing set" quality control 2000 interscope turntablism usa (los angeles)
50:04 niagara "gibli" s.u.b. 1972 united artists kraut-groove germany (munich)
55:25 dorothy ashby "myself when young" the rubaiyat of dorothy ashby 1970 cadet spiritual soul-jazz usa (detroit)

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