016 Gaspard


time artist track record year label style origin
00:00 ed schrader's music beat "humbucker blues" riddles 2018 carpark opening theme usa (baltimore)
01:44 robert ashley "the captain of the football team (donnie)" perfect lives (private parts): "music word fire and i would do it again (coo coo)" 1981 lovely music avant opera usa (nyc)
08:32 pit piccinelli, fred gales & walter maioli "amazonia 6891, part 1" amazonia 6891 1986 sound reporters ecomusicology italy
09:30 hado-ho "stereo action suite 2001" improvised music from japan 2001 IMJ extreme mixing desk japan (tokyo)
17:33 whitehouse "told" quality time 1995 susan lawly power electronics uk (london)
22:18 russell haswell "room voice freeze tone" value + bonus 2010 no fun freeze uk (london)
22:21 maja s. k. ratkje "voice" voice 2002 rune grammofon manipulated voice norway (oslo)
28:13 moniek darge "solstice sample" sounds of sacred places 1987 igloo soundscape belgium (ghent)
29:18 charles dodge "speech songs: he destroyed her image" synthesized voices 1976 CRI speech synthesis usa (nyc)
31:18 ruth white "evening harmony" flowers of evil 1969 limelight manipulated poetry usa (los angeles)
35:16 call back the giants "passage of arms" the rising 2011 kye ambient synth uk (kent)
36:41 the space lady "synthesize me" live in san francisco 1990 self-released cosmic casiotone usa (se colorado)
41:13 david behrman "interspecies smalltalk, part 2 (excerpt)" music from mills 1986 mills college electroacoustic usa (nyc)
46:07 pierre bastien "dos soleares para ti" assemblage de pi├Ęces comeladiennes du plus bel effet 2009 gazul third stream france (paris)
49:26 davy kehoe "storm desmond" short passing game 2017 wah wah wino krautdub ireland (dublin)

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