011 Laura


time artist track record year label style origin
00:00 ed schrader's music beat "humbucker blues" riddles 2018 carpark opening theme usa (baltimore)
01:44 lambchop "mr. met" mr. m 2012 merge chamber country usa (nashville)
08:40 mickey newbury "33rd of august" looks like rain 1969 mercury mood country usa (nashville)
13:52 richard dawson "man has been struck down by hands unseen" the magic bridge 2011 pink triangle geordie troubadour uk (newcastle)
22:51 loren mazzacane connors "moonyean #3" moonyean 1994 road cone minimal guitar usa (nyc)
24:13 jackson c. frank "tumble in the wind (version 2)" blues run the game 2003 [1997] castle music contemporary folk usa (upstate NY)
27:19 lusine zakarian "sourb-sourb" armenian medieval spiritual music 1995 [1980] octa armenian hymn armenia (yerevan)
32:09 katie lee "the canyoneers" folk songs of the colorado river 1964 folkways canyon folk usa (arizona)
36:06 curt boettcher "astral cowboy" misty mirage 2000 [1969] poptones psych pop usa (los angeles)
38:23 arthur russell "instrumentals volume 1 (part 1)" instrumentals 2017 [1975] audika bubblegum minimalism usa (nyc)
43:36 hiroshi yoshimura "soto wa ame" wave notation 1: music for nine post cards 1982 sound process ambient rhodes japan (tokyo)
47:58 jim o'rourke "the workplace" halfway to a threeway 1999 drag city indie folk usa (chicago)
55:16 meredith monk "particular dance" impermanence 2008 ecm minimalism usa (nyc)

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