009 Gale


time artist track record year label style origin
00:00 ed schrader's music beat "humbucker blues" riddles 2018 carpark opening theme usa (baltimore)
01:44 death ambient "coral necropolis" drunken forest 2007 tzadik dark ambient usa (nyc)
07:11 sylvia hallett "private war" white fog 2001 emanem electroacoustic uk (london)
11:48 biosphere "birds fly by flapping their wings" dropsonde 2005 touch arctic jazz loops norway (tromsø)
16:40 gultskra artikler "begushemu vpered" kasha iz topora 2007 miasmah folk collage russia (moscow)
20:30 last exit "crackin" last exit 1986 enemy free jazz usa/germany
27:26 super mama djombo "ramédi cu kata cura" na cambança 1980 cobiana gumbe soukous guinea-bissau (bissau)
32:16 fourcolor "ae" air curtain 2004 12k ambient glitch japan (tokyo)
38:48 liu tianhua "plucked music" erhu solos 197? art-tune minyue china (jiangsu)
42:53 amanda shires "the drop and lift" down fell the doves 2013 lightning rod americana usa (nashville)
46:23 cul de sac "far off, the fabulous iron serpent whistles" crashes to light, minutes to its fall 1999 thirsty ear post-rock usa (boston)
52:26 rena stamou "bed of pain" bed of pain 2012 [1950] mississippi rembetika greece
55:38 jan johansson "visa från rättvik" jazz på svenska 1964 megafon swedish jazz sweden (stockholm)
58:53 miki yui "liberta" small sounds 1999 bmblab lowercase germany (düsseldorf)

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