007 Mattis


time artist track record year label style origin
00:00 ed schrader's music beat "humbucker blues" riddles 2018 carpark opening theme usa (baltimore)
01:44 fumio kosakai "absent water" earth calling 1987 anciant space noise japan (tokyo)
06:11 maria zerfall "säuretod" kopfkrieg 1985-1995 2000 [1985-88] membrum debile propaganda vocal industrial germany (düsseldorf)
08:45 delta 9 "mortified" disco inferno 1997 earache power terrorcore usa (chicago)
12:42 television power electric "go play differentiated" television power electric 1999 gentle giant eai usa (chicago)
13:32 id m theft able "let on oiler gal" wet summertime bodies play harps inside snow banks 2003 veglia noise collage usa (portland, ME)
16:51 longmont potion castle "squid sandwich" longmont potion castle 5 2005 reptilian phone work usa (colorado)
18:16 cycheouts "strap down" king of the beats 1996 a-10 nerdcore techno japan (osaka)
22:50 dj assault "hello" off the chain for the y2k 2000 intuit-solar ghettotech usa (detroit)
24:41 dj nate "he ain’t bout it" bangs & works vol. 1: a chicago footwork compilation 2010 planet mu footwork usa (chicago)
27:03 hype williams "jah" one nation 2011 hippos in tanks hypnagogic uk (london)
30:05 aaron dilloway "switch 17" switches 2017 cejero tape loops usa (oberlin)
36:07 the dead c "bitcher" the white house 1995 siltbreeze noise rock new zealand (dunedin)
41:50 david lynch "i want you" the big dream 2013 sacred bones trip blues usa (los angeles)
45:28 xinlisupreme "kyoro" tomorrow never comes 2002 fatcat noisegaze japan (kumamoto)
48:36 the shadow ring "horse-meat cakes" put the music in its coffin 1994 siltbreeze coastal apathy uk (kent)
54:24 the residents "smelly tongues" meet the residents 1974 ralph avant pop usa (san francisco)
56:03 striborg "a sour pale ghostly dawn" mysterious semblance 2004 total holocaust black ambient australia (tasmania)

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