003 Anneli


time artist track record year label style origin
00:00 ed schrader's music beat "humbucker blues" riddles 2018 carpark opening theme usa (baltimore)
01:44 thinking fellers union local 282 "cup of dreams" strangers from the universe 1994 matador indie rock usa (san francisco)
08:03 chib "kimuchi" moco 2004 fatcat miniature collage japan (tokyo)
09:22 acolytes action squad "vasos and uuvas: the legend of black canvas" winkle time 2007 early winter mutant folktronica usa (sheffield)
13:43 cloud becomes your hand "made of teak" rest in fleas 2016 northern spy neo-psychpop usa (nyc)
17:09 masayoshi fujita & jan jelinek "helio" schaum 2016 faitiche electroacoustic ambient germany (berlin)
22:04 david thomas broughton "i don't want to believe you" it's in there somewhere... 2007 birdwar avant-folk uk (leeds)
24:45 gate "pi.quad.15.1" my dear sweet reluctant sweetheart 2000 hell's half halo ambient new zealand (dunedin)
29:33 maruko maruo "ao" kameko no sora 2009 hirune avant-folk japan (kyoto)
33:23 jealousy mountain duo "david has awesome hair" nÂș_01 2011 blunoise free rock germany (dresden)
37:44 tasos stamou "toy-rock" infant 2007 editions zero circuit-bent toys greece (athens)
40:26 arthur russell "the platform on the ocean" calling out of context 2004 [1984-5] audika art pop usa (nyc)
48:24 laurie anderson "it tango" big science 1982 warner bros avant-pop poetry usa (nyc)
51:04 hans reichel "death procession" yuxo - a new daxophone operetta 2002 a/l/l third stream germany (wuppertal)
54:20 lau nau "rubiinilasia" nukkuu 2008 locust free folk finland (kimito)
59:05 constance demby "om mani padme hum" skies above skies 1978 sound currents tibetan new age usa (california)

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