002 Isabelle


time artist track record year label style origin
00:00 ed schrader's music beat "humbucker blues" riddles 2018 carpark opening theme usa (baltimore)
01:43 sun city girls "vine street piano" funeral mariachi 2010 abduction piano vignette usa (phoenix)
05:26 dorothy carter "make a joyful sound" troubadour 1976 celeste appalachian psych folk usa (massachusetts)
09:31 martin rev "mari" martin rev 1979 infidelity minimal synth usa (nyc)
13:45 people "piles for miles" 3xawoman 2014 telegraph harp avant-rock usa (nyc)
17:34 rich woodson’s ellipsis "the pornographic subset" control and resistance 2000 cuneiform post-RIO usa (nyc)
23:29 news from babel "moss" letters home 1986 avant-prog uk (london)
26:23 tortoise "the equator" TNT 1998 thrill jockey post-dubtronica usa (chicago)
29:47 wzt hearts "jeep uzi" threads rope spell making your bones 2007 carpark ambient noise usa (baltimore)
31:57 thorr's hammer norge dommedagsnatt 1996 moribund death doom metal usa (seattle)
39:16 cicih cangkurileung "mukadimah" dawah kawih 1977 MTR tembang sunda cianjuran indonesia
46:34 michael o'shea "no journeys end" michael o'shea 1982 dome mo cara uk (london)
53:49 john fahey "the portland cement factory at monolith, california" volume 6: days have gone by 1967 takoma american primitivism usa (dc)

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