blueflash roadmash

sean aka "scrunk" here. this is my radio show. i am selecting an hour of music whenever for whoever. you can listen if you want. pretending i am a radio guy or something. i was inspired by how at my old workplace i had to listen to the siriusxm classic rewind channel for 8 hours a day, and you can only listen to someone named "kristine stone" play the pour sugar on me song so many times before you wanna end it all. i am a SJW and this is my safe space.

blueflash roadmash is a freeform program where i follow outback steakhouse's credo of "no rules just right". dream jungle, romantic noise, punk jazz, glitch folk, ambient country, prog tapes, chop hop, shit rock, piss metal, jaipongan, soukous, gamelan, everything in between, i dont know. i pull tunes from my library just based on what im feeling. if you listen maybe you will find a sound you like. sometimes its pretty hit and miss. i will not improve. no new music.

blueflash roadmash takes its name from the introduction to episode one of chris morris's jam. i name all the episodes like they are babies.